Childhood Fun…

Growing up I never had a trampoline. So I thought the kids were super lucky when we were given a large, second-hand trampoline a few years ago. In fact I was a bit envious of them, having this childhood icon of fun, right in their very backyard.

Sadly it didn’t get used much, so we moved it to a more visible position in the garden and since then, the trampoline has claimed the top position for fun at our place.

sprinkler tramp

And now, in the hot weather, it has doubled as a water-theme-park! I had always heard that sprinklers under the trampoline were great fun, but never having experienced it myself, I couldn’t quite imagine the attraction.

water on tramp

The water barely pops through the holes in the trampoline mat, but it’s enough to have the kids squealing with delight! The fact that they get really wet when they land on their bums and knees adds to the excitement I’m sure!

water under the trampoline


And we’ve even had some grass growing underneath, so it’s fun and we are watering the garden at the same time!


13 thoughts on “Childhood Fun…

  1. I always wanted one, too. But now all the doctor’s offices have articles posted about the national injury stats so now when I think of trampolines I see images of severed body parts. So unfair.

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