An Unexpected Australia Day…

Australia Day almost always falls at the end of the 5-6 week Summer school holidays, so the excitement of a public holiday and a long weekend doesn’t have the same shine for us as it does for many others.

So when we decided to finish off the holidays with a train trip into the city, we weren’t really paying attention to all the hype about what was actually going on in the CBD.

I had wanted to take some photos of the city, but I really didn’t know what of exactly. As it turned out, we were there in perfect time for Melbourne’s Australia Day parade down Swanston St.

The colours and national dress were fantastic, and the parade really highlighted the cultural diversity of Australia, and Melbourne in particular. I loved how in amongst the cultural groups were unusual clubs such as a Dr Who society, an olden day bicycle group and a Star Wars fan group! (I have a bit of a thing about posting photos of people on this blog without their permission, but I’m assuming that since these people volunteered to participate in the parade, that kind of makes it ok)

I was a bit frustrated with the marshalls who always seemed to stand in front of us when a really cool group of people went past, or the parade itself would slow to a stop just AFTER some wonderfully detailed costumes had passed and I couldn’t get pictures. Grrrrrr!!

In typical Alex fashion, he hated the parade, hid behind my legs with his hands in his ears for most of it….until hubby picked him up and he actually started watching it and realised it wasn’t so bad!

We squeezed in a tram ride back to the train station, and all in all it was a great way to spend our national day, and a glass of Australian wine will really top the day off!

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