Christmas Presents Revised…

I love buying presents and love watching people open them. But it’s easy to go overboard. VERY easy!!

Half, if not most, of the gifts that the kids got for Christmas are sitting in the toy room being ignored. And the sad thing is that most of them were really cool presents.


So my plan (at the moment!!) is to get gifts according to this little poem…

Something they want
Something they need
Something to wear
Something to read

I wonder if this will make things easier or harder? I wonder if the reduction in the amount of gifts will even be noticed by the kids?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Presents Revised…

  1. Thats pretty much what we did with V this year.
    Sonething he wants (kind of) childrens learning ipad
    Somethings he needs puzzles
    Sonething to wear pj,trousers,jumper and new vests.
    Sonething to read a new book to his polish collection.
    He really didnt get anything else from us abd worked out great he uses and plays with everything.
    This will be the plan for every birthday.
    1 toy. 1 educational. 1 to wear. 1 to read.

    • Yep me going overboard is truer than them wanting loads. “Oooooh they’d love this!” is usually what comes out if my mouth before the credit card gets handed over!!

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