Apron Strings…..

I don’t think the kids are tied very tightly to my apron strings. Hell, I don’t even own an apron!

They happily allow Nana, day carers, aunties, friends look after them without batting an eyelid, so it’ll be interesting to see how they go tonight when they stay with Gran (hubby’s mum) for a few days.

They’ve never stayed with Gran and Gramps overnight before and though they love going there to visit, I wonder how it’ll be when we get in the car and drive away, not to return for several days?

The wonder goes three-fold.

How will the kids go away from us for three nights?

How will we go away from them for that long?

How will Gran and Gramps go in charge of a 4 & 5yr old for more than just a few hours? Entertaining them for an afternoon is SOOOO different from all day, no breaks!

While I’m enjoying the thought of child-free time: sleep ins, going to the toilet alone and eating a naughty snack without having to hide, I’m sure those three days are going to feel too quiet and lonely and I’ll wish the kids back sooner than sanity says they should!


3 thoughts on “Apron Strings…..

  1. Try to enjoy yourself. I always have those same mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety leaving all of my kiddos. My relatives have no problem telling me how exhausted they are when we return and say “we don’t know how you do it” but everyone lives through it and I think my kids love it. Have fun!!!

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