A photo of my children, every week for the whole year…

This week we have caught up on all the appointments needed before the holidays end. Dentists, Optometrists, 4yr old Health checks, final Mother’s Groups until next holidays 😦

Alex: He tried to be brave for his 4 yr old needles, and managed well with the needle part, but the vaccination actually getting injected into his arm had him screaming. But he got bandaids, jellybeans and stickers to make it all better!

Alex needles W3

Tough guy act!


Megan: a routine eye check at the Optometrist found that Megan could be short-sighted and had a stigmatism in one eye. She had to go back again for another check, needing drops in her eyes to dilate the pupils. Turns out she’s ok…for now. 6 months at school will tell if she needs to return for glasses after all.

Megan glasses

A preview of what she might look like in 6 months!
…and pupils that are still really big.

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