Trans-hemisphere blogging and a heat wave…

M and A’s world is in Australia, Melbourne to be exact, so pretty close to the bottom of Australia before crossing Bass Strait to Tasmania. This blog interacts with other bloggers all around the world and it’s nice to hear about the weather different bloggers are experiencing. When it’s hot here, I either listen with jealousy of people experiencing snow, or revel in the warm weather we are enjoying. But no revelling this week!

This week has been horrible weather in Melbourne…40degree+ (105F) every day is just soooooo draining. We set up the blow up pool but it was only bearable to be outside early in the morning or after dinner.

hot hot hot

No…it doesn’t feel like feels like being inside an oven!

The kids have loved the week being stuck inside, with energy drained in the heat, they’ve been allowed to chill-out under the air-conditioning watching TV for large quantities of time! Hubby and I have had little else to do but cross off all the inside jobs on our to-do list, while wishing we could tackle some of the outside jobs too.

The cool change is supposed to come some time tonight, while we suffer another hot night of yuck, but it will bring little or no rain. So our water bill will skyrocket along with the electricity bill, the power sucking air-conditioners and fans slightly outweighing the gallons of water I’ll need to pour onto the plants to keep everything from dying!

I really thought that reading of bloggers having record snow falls and typhoon rain might make me feel better. Nup. Imagination and visualisation doesn’t work anywhere near as well with sweat dripping into my eyes!

10 thoughts on “Trans-hemisphere blogging and a heat wave…

    • I think both hemispheres were having extreme temps. The cool change came last night and the doors and windows are wide open! I can’t believe I’m saying it, but it’s so nice to feel cold!!

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