4 years of care…

Today was the second last day that Megan will attend Day Care. She has been at the centre since she was 18months old and next Monday will be her last day ever!

It’s sad that this chapter of her life is ending. Many of the staff still remember when she first arrived (with a six week old baby brother!) and have watched her and, more importantly, helped her grow into the confident little girl she is now.

photo 1

We got to bring home her Learning Journal today. We’ve waited several years for this to come home. Originally they sent the journals home every year but then decided to keep adding to them and send them home once the child finished their time at the centre.

It was so lovely to look back over the last few years and read what the teachers had written about Megan’s learning, her interactions with other kids and her overall experience at the centre. It was also nice to read back what we had written as parents when asked to contribute to her journal.

photo 11

Since next week is Megan’s last day with the fantastic staff at her centre, we’ve decided to make a small gift for them to say “Thank-you for taking such good care of our girl!” I’m not sure what form the gift will take yet but I’ve got a week to think about it. We’ve listed all her favourite things about each of the staff and what she likes best about the centre.

I’m sure I won’t be the only one tearing up next week 🙂 From the comments we hear from the staff, I know the ladies will miss her as much as she will miss them. Thankfully, Megan will still get to say “Hi” when we pick Alex up every Monday this year!

photo 14

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