Occupational Therapy…

When we first took Alex for the Speech Screening session back in January, he also saw an OT. I didn’t think he really needed it, but hey, it was all part of the group screening session, so why not get it checked out while we were there. He hated using a fork or spoon, NEVER picked up a pencil or crayon and generally avoided any fiddly finger activity, so maybe there was an issue after all.

They found he had a slight delay in fine motor skills and so Alex has been visiting an Occupational Therapist since October, once a fortnight. It may have developed on its own without help, but knowing Alex, anytime I wanted him to do anything he would have refused. Saying “Remember what Rita said…” has been a godsend! I also think Alex has liked the special treatment, going to visit someone just for him, without Megan.

The simple activities Rita did with him have helped him use scissors confidently, hold a pencil properly and draw recognisable shapes and pictures. He actually asks to do drawings now and happily sat with Megan the other day, cutting and gluing a paper chain!!

Cutting, gluing and holding...

Cutting, gluing and holding…

While this may not seem like a hugely important area, especially for an active 3 or 4 yr old boy, I had my teacher hat on and thought about Alex in kindergarten and school, only just learning correct pencil grip and being behind the 8-ball. Now…he’s a few steps ahead and his confidence and interest will help him through 😉

***BTW*** Alex is still on the waiting list for Speech Therapy. Hopefully we will hear something in the new year as his stutter went for a while, but it’s back 😦


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