Changing and Staying the Same…

I don’t believe in New Years’ Resolutions. If you want to start or stop doing something…do it now, while the passion and energy is there, rather than waiting for Monday or Jan 1.

So with that in mind…

I’m NOT starting a new diet or joining a gym. I’m happy with my body shape…round is a shape, right??

I’m NOT taking up a new sport or hobby. Who’s got time for that?

I’m NOT cutting down my alcohol or social media usage. They are my muse and my escape.

I’m NOT learning a new skill…unless that skill is learning how to make my kids perfect, even-tempered, clean-up-after-themselves angels, and if I learn how to do that, rest assured I’ll write a book about it!!

But here’s what WILL be changing this year…

Megan will start school
Alex starts kindergarten
I start full time work
Mike starts part time work/part time study/part time stay-at-home-dad

Any one of those by itself would be momentous in our lives, but all four at once is going to be a colossal change. And ones that we can’t give up on, like so many well-intended resolutions of the past!

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