Why I love a Summer Christmas…

Many blogging friends have commented on our Christmas being in the middle of Summer, and Aussie Summers can be HOT!

Even though it’s what we’ve grown up with and have never know anything different, it’s a stark contrast to the traditional Christmas images we are smothered in. Santa in a thick, wooly suit, snowmen, open fires and cups of hot cocoa. They just don’t mesh with Christmas in Australia.

I love the beautiful and traditional songs and images of Christmas, but any chance I can throw a little Oz into the festive season, I do!

Two of my favourite Christmas songs are written by Aussies about Santa in Australia. Hi-5 wrote a song called ‘Santa wear your shorts’ (self explanatory) and Rolf Harris wrote a classic in the 60s called ‘The Six White Boomers’– where Santa trades his reindeer for kangaroos!

I also love meshes of traditional songs with Aussie words. I’d have no hope getting my kids to relate to ‘Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh…’ But they totally get ‘Dashing through the bush, in a rusty Holden ute…’ Click here to hear the rest of the song that typifies an Aussie Christmas for my family!!

Summer means warm, lazy afternoons with family, eating and drinking while kids entertain themselves outside. Hubby’s and my heritage is British (way, way back for me) so we still have the traditional roast lunch, but there is also seafood and salads thrown in, to round it all out.

One of the downsides to a hot Chrissy is that Xmas lights are pretty much a waste of time. It doesn’t get dark until 9pm-ish so not much point turning them on! We do though, for the few hours of darkness before we go to bed (some people have timers but aren’t that technical…yet!!)

I need to add that Christmas isn’t always hot here. We’ve had scorchers and thunderstorms, heat and hailstones and everything in between. Part of the lead up to the big day is watching the weather forecasts coz (particularly in Melbourne) you just never know what to expect.

So that’s my thoughts on Summer Christmases. What’s Christmas like in your neck of the woods?

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