How big is Santa’s sleigh…?

How many does the BIG GUY bring you your place?

How many does the BIG GUY bring you your place?

Everyone has different traditions at Christmas, different ways of celebrating. Opening a present of Christmas Eve or only Christmas day, leaving milk or beer out for Santa, cookies or carrots for his reindeer, big Christmas day lunches or dinners. Many variances but probably loads more similarities between families.

Big there’s one variance that I don’t like. It’s not a really huge issue and the stupid thing is that it doesn’t hurt anyone…it just bugs me!

I know some families give their children only 1-2 gifts and the rest are from Santa. I think this rips Mum and Dad off from being seen as awesomely generous parents! As far as gift giving is concerned, I believe Santa brings one present to each child. Just one.

Never mind trying to figure out how he gets to every house in one night with exponential population growth, or the effect of G-forces travelling at such great speed. He just doesn’t have enough space to fit 12 presents for EVERY child in the WHOLE WORLD into his sack on the sleigh… I don’t care how magical he is!

I remember having a Santa sack on the end of my bed as a kid and it was pretty big. Nowadays, they are enormous~Alex can stand up inside his! So perhaps I’m the odd one out here. Maybe I’m doing it all wrong.

So please tell me, how many presents does Santa bring to your house?


12 thoughts on “How big is Santa’s sleigh…?

  1. Santa brings all the presents to our house, the children don’t get any from us. They get one big present, for instance this year it’s a bike, and then a few stocking fillers. I love seeing the excitement and joy on their little faces, that’s thanks enough for me, which is why we don’t give the presents, I figure there ain’t much magic left in the world

  2. When we were doing Santa, he brought almost all the presents. Now we’re not doing any from him and just a few from us. It’s much more about other aspects of the holiday for us now, and presents are to a minimum. 🙂

  3. Just one pressie (maybe two things some years??) and a small stocking for our kids. We’ll prob give a little lip service to Santa for the stocking but not make a big deal out of it.

    That’s all we got as kids, and I was thrilled with it. I actually saw my old stocking at mum’s yesterday and was shocked at how small it was… it seemed so huge and to hold so many things when I was a kid! Was a good reminder to me not to go overboard (I was tempted to get more for Cooper this year) as the pile of pressies seems so much bigger and more amazing to little eyes.

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