The REAL Santa…

I love that my kids wholeheartedly believe in Santa. They are at the age where they just ‘know’ he is real, and there is no shred of doubt anywhere. Even when circumstances might lead a more discerning mind question the magic of Santa. I’ve got a few back up plans up my sleeve, just in case they ever do start to ask awkward questions!

Last weekend Alex seemed completely over his fear of Santa and consented to getting a photo with him. (I didn’t actually want the Santa photo but the fact that Alex was keen to get it done, was enough to convince me 🙂 . We have seen Santa a few times at our local shopping centre and we were going to get the photo taken there, but found a better deal at a shopping centre close by. When the kids realised Santa would also be at this shopping centre, they just accepted the fact without question. I was waiting for the query of how he could be at our shops AND the other shop at the same time. I was ready with a back-up story of the shop Santas being ‘helpers’ because Santa can’t visist all of the shops all of the time, and the real Santa pops in every now and again and we never know where he’ll be, but it wasn’t needed.

I’ve mentioned before that I like the idea of the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ but he creeped me out a bit (and I was too lazy to go to the effort most people put in) so we created our own elf. Our elf travels to the North Pole each night (like the genuine, trademarked fella) and dobs on the kids’ behaviour to the Big Guy. If the kids touch him then he loses his magic and he can’t fly back to Santa. Alex has questioned this a few times and I can tell by the gleam in his eye, that if he has the opportunity, he will touch the little elf and just see what happens! Check out my back-up plan here!! 🙂

Yesterday was a Santa filled day for Megan. He arrived at her Kinder Christmas party to hand out presents, and then she saw him again at the school concert we attended that night. Did she question this? Not once! But she did say another Santa wasn’t real coz he was just a little boy dressed up!

I think I’ve got a few more years before I’ll need those counter-arguments!


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