Needing me less…

Megan is 5 and a half and Alex turns 4 in a few weeks. The list of things they can do by themselves grows longer and longer each day. Sometimes the ‘want’ to do something by themselves takes way longer than getting me to do it, but mostly their independence is a blessing.

Getting ready in the morning takes half the time because they can dress themselves, make their own bed and pull back the curtains. I can make their breakfast and leave them to eat it without needing to supervise, though the odd “Hurry Up” does get used a bit! They can brush their teeth without help, put their dirty dishes in the sink and get their kinder/crèche bags ready. I don’t even need to start a zip on jackets anymore, zips are easy now 🙂

They can get a drink for themselves from the fridge, and at the end of the day they can wash themselves in the shower, put dirty clothes in the laundry basket and put clean clothes away in their drawers.

All these little jobs that I used to do for them has freed up things for me so I’m not frantically rushing around after them as much any more. I suppose I should be a bit sad that they don’t need me as much, but I’m not.

The need for me has changed. I’m now needed to play this game or that, explain what a word means or how something works, or reach things high up after they have unsuccessfully tried with stools or chairs. Soon I’ll be helping to do homework each night and solve friendship dramas from school.

It’s nice to know that I have raised children who like to be independent, and feel pride in themselves when they achieve something.



4 thoughts on “Needing me less…

  1. It’s SOOOOO nice when they become more independent! I do love the little bitty stage too, but when they can do things on their own, there is time and energy for all the other fun stuff! 😀

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