Driving Clothes…

Alex gets car sick on long trips, which is not news to this blog. But I think, after several messy trips, we have worked out a routine that keeps him clean and spew-free!

Firstly, breakfast. It has to be toast. Anything with milk, yoghurt or eggs is not easy on his fragile tummy or very pleasant to clean out of car upholstery!

We encourage Alex to sleep in the car as much as he can, and we always have on board dry crackers a.k.a. ‘tummy biscuits’ and mints which really help drive away feelings of nausea, even in me.


Our latest trick is travel clothes. Alex will wear tshirt, shorts and crocs regardless of the weather. He is comfortable and cool, and if he is sick, then he is easy to change (into the spare set of travelling clothes on board!). Whatever good clothes he needs at our destination are easily put on when we arrive.


And if all else fails, we take with us glovebox friendly sick bags which Alex is really good at using now. They simply twist to stop any smell from escaping and then are easily disposed of.


It’s a bit like a camping trip to pack for, but it’s made travelling with a travel-sickness-prone-boy much, much easier!!


7 thoughts on “Driving Clothes…

  1. Bleh, car sickness is not cool. I remember having to take some “gravol” (basically motion sickness pills) when I was younger because it happened on all the longer trips. It’s great that you have figured out some winning strategies! I had no idea that mints helped, hum…will have to keep that in mind. You know, there’s an accupressure point somewhere along the wrist that helps relieve nausea, they sell bands that keep pressure on the point (well, around here anyways), perhaps it would be worth a try. I remember applying pressure to the spot when I was in my first trimester and it worked more often than not.

  2. I used the sickness bands while pregnant my travel sickness was out of control. Getting to and from work doing a two hour commute via bus was horrific. Most days ibwould get off and walk one or two bus stops.
    Poor guy
    I hope he grows out of it.

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