Moody Teenager…

I teach preppies; 5yr olds in their first year of school. There’s many reasons I prefer this age group, but one of the biggest reasons is that I get to avoid moody, bitchy pre- teens in the higher year levels. Or so I thought…

Megan has been at Kindergarten since January but has just recently found out that one of her friends lives around the corner. Literally, around the corner: we could put a ladder up for the girls to climb our adjoining back fences!

We’ve had a few play dates and these usually occur after kinder pick-up on a Thursday or Friday. The trouble with a routine is that it becomes expectation. And when that expectation is thwarted, it becomes resentment.

I am currently dealing with a sulking 5 yr old. She is giving me the silent treatment and dirty looks that would rival any teenager. If I look at her, she moves herself out of sight.

I know some girls hit puberty early, but I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with this for at least another 5 years!


2 thoughts on “Moody Teenager…

  1. I found Maggie to be more difficult when she was 5-10 than as a pre-teen/teen. The reason being, when she got upset, it was combined with immaturity. O_O Now, she is much more mature, so when she gets upset, it doesn’t come across the same as it used to. She is more likely to talk about things with me, instead of ignoring me or having an attitude.
    Anyway, my point is that teen(ish) behavior from a 5 year odl doesn’t surprise me at all! *hugs*

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