Long or short…?

Alex hates getting his hair cut. And I mean ‘scream the house down and cry so much he nearly vomits’ kind of not liking it! Yeah…extreme!



Lately, his hair was starting to curl up around the nape of his neck and he would get super sweaty very easily. And heading into Summer, that’s not ideal. He was starting to need shampoo and conditioner in his hair rather than just the usual boy routine of wipe some soap through it.

So since we were at my Mum and Dad’s house today and Dad/Grandpa conveniently has a pair of clippers, today was D-Day! The usual ‘scream the house down and cry so much he nearly vomited’ occurred again and he’d only let Nana near his hair, so my mum was hairdresser for the day. In the rush of getting it done, I didn’t have time to think carefully about the number on the clippers and the result is a little bit shorter than we usually cut it. I’m not sure I like it this short…what do you think?



Once we got going, he calmed down. I think it’s the thought of it all that sykes him out. Not sure why really, coz he quite likes the vibration of the clippers on his head. But afterwards, he loved his hair and couldn’t stop touching it and saying to Nana and Grandpa “Thanks for cutting my hair!”

At least with it this short, he wont need it cut so soon again!


10 thoughts on “Long or short…?

  1. I like it longer, but what counts is that HE likes it and that he is comfortable during the hot months. I let Joshua have a buzzcut all summer long even though I much prefer it longer. 😉

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