A Family Update…

Here’s what’s going on in our family this week…

  • Mike is once again taking part in the Movember movement. I really wish it was beard-vember or goatee-vember, coz moustaches just don’t suit my hubby, and he’s determined to play by the rules and grow a genuine mo! However, this awesome charity helps to raise money and awareness for Mens Health, including prostate and testicular cancer, so click on the big’ tash’ to donate to Mike’s team: Springers13!movember
  • I’ve been given the official nod to go back to work full time next year. “Yay” and “Oh My God” at the same time. I’m looking forward to having a class of kids to myself again for the first time in more than 5 years but I’m really, REALLY going to miss having a 4 day weekend and being the kinder drop off and pick up mum.
  • Alex has learned to whistle! He has been practising for months and hasn’t given up. He came running into the house yesterday shouting “Mum, Mum, here this!” and he hasn’t stopped whistling since…it’s sooooo cute!!

Look at those lips!!

  • And… Megan starts her school transition on Friday. She will get to meet some new friends and HOPEFULLY have a great time. She is very excited but I know the nerves are bubbling just under the surface. She can flick the switch from confident, energetic girl to shy, emotional mess in seconds. Thankfully, I know our amazing teachers will make her feel welcome and do everything to make her entry to school life the best it can be!

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