We love Stevie…!

Alex loves Hi-5! And I mean LOVES them! He has a man-crush on one of the guys, Stevie, so much so that he imitates Stevie’s dance moves around the house!

So when we were struggling to think of things to get Alex for his birthday (on Christmas Eve) and for Christmas, we jumped on the Hi-5 website for some ideas. Sadly there was no merchandise available to buy through the site, but lo-and-behold, there was a show coming to town!

We bought tickets to one of the smaller venues which works out a bit cheaper and started getting a little bit excited. We managed to keep it a secret until a few days ago and thought we would let the kids in on the fun and build a bit of excitement.

When we told Alex, he wasn’t convinced we were seeing the real Hi-5. He thought they’d be dressed up in suits like cartoon characters or in a movie, like we had seen earlier this year. It wasn’t until they arrived on stage that he said, “It’s the real Stevie!” (and might I add, after watching the DVD’s soooooooo many times, I think I have a bit of a crush on Stevie too!)

The real Hi-5!

The real Hi-5! (Stevie is in red on the left 🙂 )

The kids had a great time singing and dancing away, and it was even more special because they got to enjoy it with their cousins too 🙂

Loving it!

Loving it!

After the show we sneakily bought some merchandise for Alex before heading to the beautiful Queens Park up the road for a picnic lunch with the family.

Waiting for Uncle Ryan to finish lunch so they could play footy.

Waiting for Uncle Ryan to finish lunch so they could play footy.


Her own invented game!

Her own invented game! It’s not golf…before you ask. I said that and got shot down pretty quickly!


And just a goofball!

And just a goofball!





4 thoughts on “We love Stevie…!

  1. My girls loved Hi-5 too, though they were a bit different back then. For one of my daughters birthday parties we had a hi-5 party and the kids all came dressed as their favourite ones, it was a great success, how funny to think they are still around and kids still love them.

  2. They came to Cebu this year too but my kids were not interested. The other one is waiting for the real Transformers (he will grow old waiting) and the other one is in love with Barney. 🙂
    Glad your little ones enjoyed the show!

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