Suckered in…

“If I’m good I can buy something.” she said sweetly.
“Just because you are being good, doesn’t mean you get a present every time we go to the shops.” I reply. “It’s nice to be good just to be good!”
As I was looking at fabric for my next craft project, Megan spies all the bead strings, sequins and spangles.
“Ooooh, I could make something with this.” she says.
“How about you think about what you could make, maybe even make a drawing and we can come back with YOUR money and buy them.”
“But I could make necklaces and bracelets and dresses with it all.”
Beginning to cave in with the thought of a potential mother/daughter craft activity, I say, “Well we’ll get just one pack”
Moving into a new aisle, “Oooooh, I could get this too.” She says excitedly pointing to something else.
“No, you’re not getting both, choose one.” Eeny, meeny begins and a new choice is made.

This repeats 2 more times and the original idea that suckered me in and made me a proud crafting mum in the first place is long forgotten…

Well played, Megan…well played!!


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