What is it with kids and technology? Why does a screen suddenly turn them into lazy zombies?

I wrote the other day about getting the kids to increase their computer skills and I almost instantly regretted the decision.

Fights over who had longer time on the computer ensued. Requests for the iPad or TV to be on, which are constant phrases in our house, increased. And when a screen is in front of them, blinkers go up. Regular routines and morning jobs (things that the kids are usually really good at remembering) are total forgotten because of those screens.

So I cracked it and told them no more TV, computers or iPad for a while. Knee jerk reaction? Perhaps. But they also have a toy room full of things that are mostly ignored, as well as some pretty cool outdoor play equipment. My hope is that the screen ban might show them how much fun an imagination can be!

Either that, or I’ll be following through on my threat to throw their un-played-with toys away!


12 thoughts on “Blinkers…

  1. Am battling this at the moment with my 3 year old wanting to use the iPad all of the time. I’m not sure what I’m actually fighting though… Is it the time spent on the screen? Would I be do mad if it were an actual book? I’m not sure …

  2. Oh, we’ve had times of nothing too. No screens, I mean. Sometimes we need it; I know the kids do. They actually DO things and become all inventive! 😉

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