Open letter to the judgy people at the deli…

Dear judgy, frowny customers at the deli,

Thank-you for your looks of disdain today. Thank-you for making me feel like a terrible, careless parent with your smug looks of “Serves you right” smeared across your faces.

Yes, my children managed to topple the trolley over and hurt themselves as they fell, and yes, they cried, loudly, from the shock and a bit of embarrassment. Yes, my children were standing up in the trolley, and yes, there are warning signs on the trolley advising against this.

But let’s think of what your faces would look like if my children were walking around the supermarket, instead of being in the trolley…

  • They would be blindly bump into you, because they don’t look where they are going.
  • They would suddenly dart in front of your trolley because they would see something that interests them and pay no attention to the fact that you might hit them.
  • You would constantly hear me asking them to hurry up, and not to touch that, and where did they go.
  • You would hear them asking when we are finished, and that their legs hurt and that she walked where he was going to walk.
  • You would see kids and a mum very quickly loosing patience with each other.

Instead, today, you saw a parent trying to make life easier for herself, her children and the other customers in the store by containing the madness that is a 5 and a 3 yr old to the confines of a shopping trolley. Sadly, they wrestled with gravity and gravity won, but hey, they learned a lesson and both only really injured their pride.

Will I put them inside the trolley again? Of course I will. Because it makes everything faster and everyone happier. I guarantee the kids wont make it fall over again.

So next time save your judgy, sour-puss faces for someone who really deserves it. Like, maybe, the adults who stand around watching as trolley falls over and don’t go to help the children inside. Yeah maybe them!


Kindest regards,

The mum you made feel like shit!

P.S. An genuine thank-you to the 2 people (out of about 20) who actually came over to see if the kids were ok. You are a rarity it seems.





8 thoughts on “Open letter to the judgy people at the deli…

  1. People can be such jerks. You’re right, if your kids had been doing anything but walking around nicely with hands folded, people would have been judging.

    It’s a given.

    When I go grocery shopping, I either leave my son at home or I leave him in the play place especially designed for kids to stay in while mom shops. I love it so much, I only ever go to the one store.

  2. So sorry for a horrible event to really shine the light on the unthoughtfulness of the store patrons gawking at the scene. I’ve had many of those moments where I could (based on others 30-second view) be awarded the worst mom of the year award, even though I know I’m an awesome mommy (most days!). We (parents of little ones) are warriors, sometimes alone, sometimes with a village. Stay strong and remember that in months (or days) you’ll all be able to laugh at the craziness of the trolley-tastrophe : )

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