Risk Taking…

I’m not a risk taker, not by a long shot. I stood for 10 minutes today trying to decide if I should by the safe, dependable, brown purse, or the vibrant, patterned, blue one that will match almost nothing that I own. Living on the edge, I am!!

I certainly wouldn’t use the term ‘risk-taker’ to describe the kids either. They also like safe, routine, dependable. Alex is a bit more willing to have a go at things, but Megan’s fear of getting something wrong quite often holds her back.

Except on a scooter!

If there was one sport that Megan is good at and will have a crack at, it’s scooting. She can’t throw a ball, let alone catch one, she has a funny run but boy can she fly on a scooter!

Flying around

Flying around

We took advantage of the lovely afternoon sunshine and headed to the skate park after Kinder and this is where Megan is in her element. She zooms around, moving very quickly from the lower ramps to the ‘scares mum a little” bigger ramps.

One of the SMALLER ramps that she tried...

One of the SMALLER ramps that she tried…

At one point some teenagers arrived and did some amazing tricks, and you could see Megan analysing what they were doing and figuring out what she was going to try next.

Alex, on the other hand, does not have the natural scooter talent of Megan, and was very hesitant to coast along. At one point he tried sitting on the scooter, still without much skill! He likes his wrist and knee guards though, so when he tumbles he mostly dusts himself off and says “I’m ok, it didn’t hurt….much!”

Of course, a trip to the skate park is not complete with some major stacks and awesome bruises, so we called it quits after a double blow of the kids falling at the same time (quite independent of each other) and hit the playground instead.


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