Weird things they do…

I’d love to say my kids are quirky, but mostly they are just plain weird!

Here’s a small sample of their weirdness!

  • They eat Weetbix with no milk, but have a milk in a cup as a drink.
  • They will wear no shoes or jumper until they are ready to walk out the door
  • Getting dressed in front of the mirror
  • Request a song from my phone, but not with the song title, but with an obscure line which makes me sing the rest to know what I’m looking for…and consequently have the song stuck in my head all day!
  • Making faces in the mirror. I know loads of kids do this, but my kids’ faces are STRANGE!!
  • Getting fully dressed, including shoes and socks, but forgetting underwear!
  • Wanting to brush their teeth BEFORE breakfast! That cereal must taste nasty after spearmint toothpaste!
  • Being able to run super-fast with no clothes on.

Lots of clothes related weirdness, I noticed! What odd things do your kids do?

5 thoughts on “Weird things they do…

  1. Weetbix! I’ve had a similar incident when my best friend sent me boxes of Weetbix from London and I thought they were biscuits! So when I spoke to her on the phone I asked why would she send me biscuits that tasted like saw dust, she laughed hyterically. LOL

  2. LOL about the song requests by obsure lyrics!
    Joshua is the opposite with shoes. When we get home he doesn’t like to take his shoes off…for like, HOURS! Drives me nuts. haha

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