Tricks to getting them outside…!

I don’t know about your kids, but mine don’t naturally think to play outside. They love playing out there, but the TV is the favourite, and lets be honest, it keeps them quiet for ages!

But there are times when they need to stop being couch potatoes and enjoy some outdoor time, particularly on days of beautiful weather. And I’ve worked out a few tricks to get them out there.

  1. Walk through the garage: our garage opens to the patio so when we arrive home we leave the car in the garage, walk across the patio to go inside. Usually there are toys, bikes scooters strewn across the patio that capture attention so the kids never make it inside.
  2. Bribes in disguise: Icypoles must be eaten outside at our place so these work best.
  3. Make shoe concessions: gumboots in summer, thongs in winter. If it means playing outside and getting fresh air, I don’t care!
  4. Vacuuming: My kids hate the loud vacuum cleaner and it’s too noisy to watch TV so it’s a great time to go outside. Funny, that’s not usually an incentive for me to vacuum more!
  5. Nearby Friends: Discovering that a friend from kinder lives behind us was amazing. Climbing on the fence and jumping on the trampoline to see if they are home is a great play strategy!

If you can think of any more, please share, as we are well into Spring here now and there will be more lovely days coming that will need to be enjoyed!


12 thoughts on “Tricks to getting them outside…!

  1. Luckily my little man loves the outdoors so I’ve never really had to coax him outside. Eating outside (a picnic lunch, BBQ dinner) is also a great way to get the whole family outside together

  2. I have the opposite – a child who would live outside if he could. I’m actually a bit of an indoors person so it means I have to be more active than I’d otherwise be. Some days I appreciate that, others I could really use the time at home!

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