Postcard Exchange: Philippines…

Boy I wish that was my umbrella and towel!

Boy I wish that was my umbrella and towel!


I got a postcard this week from Jhanis over at Fascinations of a Vanilla Housewife and I just melted.

Oh, I could sooooo use a trip to this idyllic spot in the Philippines right now! Heading back to work this week after 2 weeks’ break has drained me of all energy and motivation. But this postcard is my Nirvana! Doesn’t it look like heaven!?

Jhanis says Camiguin is a 3hr drive and a boat ride from her hometown to this beautiful spot, but I think I’d make the effort for an afternoon lazing on that white sand! I can see why it’s called White Island 🙂

Ahhhh well….since a trip to the Philippines is not on the cards in the next few days *sniff, sniff*, I remedy my flat mood by frequently visiting Fascinations of a Vanilla Housewife and have constant belly laughs at Jhanis’ blog. Real, honest, hilarious! Can’t beat laughter induced endorphins to brighten your day!!


6 thoughts on “Postcard Exchange: Philippines…

  1. I’ve been to this place in Camiguin…Camiguin is a magical place in the Philippines…It’s the youngest island in the country, in fact. It’s born out of a volcanic eruption some few hundreds of years ago…and the second smallest province in terms of land area. The island made me regard it as a place where I can escape and spend the rest of my life in…life there goes on at a very slow and leisurely pace…like you’re transported to a place where you can just forget all kinds of worries in life…when you’re there it’s like you are in neverland…that’s how I felt…there’s unexplainable magic to it…like time just stops…and days are really literally looong in terms of hours…just when you think it’s late in the afternoon, you check your watch and it’s only 10 AM…can’t explain it!!!

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