Her Obsession…

Heard of “Golf Widows”? or “Fishing Widows”?

Hubby’s childhood was a bit like these. He was a “Dancing Widower” of sorts. But instead of being left home, he had to go along to all his sisters’ recitals and listen to the performance songs being played over and over at home while his sister practised her moves. (He now has an embarrassingly extensive knowledge of show tunes!)

So I knew early on that dancing was not going to be an after school activity allowed in our house. Swimming…YES. Sport…YES! Ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop…ABSOLUTELY NOT!

But, you know how reverse psychology works…guess what Megan is obsessed with lately???


8 thoughts on “Her Obsession…

  1. What gorgeous photos…
    You know I was never going to let my twins do dancing… to much time, too much makeup, too much pressure…. But at four when they were too shy to play with kids at preschool, their teacher suggested I take them to ballet because they loved to dance. So I signed them up, thinking there was no way they would join in, let alone hold another child’s hand…. and at their first lesson they ran to class smiling, held hands, talked to the teacher… and I have been taking them to class and sitting through practices, and helping at concerts for the past 6 years and loving every minute of it!

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