Happy birthday me

I love birthdays. It’s the one day a year we get to be self centred and demand things go our way….in the nicest possible way, of course! Be nice to me today kids, it’s my birthday. Can’t stay back at work …it’s my birthday. I get to pick what we have for dinner/dessert, coz its my birthday!

Today I turned 30something. I say 30 something, not because I’m pretending to be younger than I am. I’m not 38 but telling everyone I’m 21.

No I’m 30something because most of the time I have no idea how old I am. And I’m fine with that. It’s the only thing I’m ok about my memory forgetting.

Funny how, as kids, that number on your birthday is important. It means you are THAT much older and bigger and cleverer! Megan turned 5 a few months ago and is already asking how long until she turns 6!

No point giving me a number for how old I am. I don’t feel 20 or 40 or 30. I just feel like me. sometimes that me is listless, lacking sleep and irritable. Other times that me is on the go and full of beans. Depends on the day.

So technically today I’m…wait…hang on a tick…33. Yep, if we are in 2013, then I must be 33. I don’t care anyways. 33 is just a number. Maybe Ill care when i reach something cool like 80 or 90. By then I’ll be celebrating that I survived another whole year!

For now I’m indulging in a little me-ness.


16 thoughts on “Happy birthday me

    I am RIGHT there with you on forgetting which #30 I am! LOL It must be a 1980’s thing because I have thought I was 36 for the last few years, and I’m only 33 now! HA
    I hope you have a great day, Linda! I am really thankful for your friendship. XO

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