The beginning of the end…

“I want to wear undies to bed” he said as he crawled into bed for a nap yesterday.

Alex is approaching 4 years of age and is toilet trained during the day, but we have attempted night time training yet. Many would be horrified, but not only does the child need to be ready…so do the parents!

We have just come out of a very wet winter and there was no way I was going to be washing wet sheets every morning. Many mums I know go the whole shebang and toilet train for night and day all in one hit. Neither of my kids were ready for this. SomeI know also said their child just went from a fully wet overnight nappy, to no accidents overnight with underwear on. I don’t think Alex would do this either.

I talked about it with Alex and we agreed on “next school holidays” which would put it right into Summer and perfect weather for as many loads of washing as necessary. School holidays also means that Mike and I will both be home to deal with late night (or middle of the night) pyjama/sheet changes.

With Megan, we made her go to the toilet before she went to bed, and then also get her up for another toilet visit just as Mike and I were going to bed (around 10:30-11pm). She only woke up enough to do her stuff then went straight back to sleep. I think we’ll use this technique for Alex as well. Any other suggestions?

Yesterday was the first he had mentioned undies at night, so it obviously hasn’t bothered him before now. He has had sleepovers with older friends and cousins and putting his pull-up on at bedtime has never been an issue.

But now that he has started the ball rolling, he has got a bit of time to get mentally ready for this next step into big boy-hood!


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