Just being…

I love quiet time, time to do not much and enjoy my surroundings. At a park, the beach, sitting in afternoon sunshine at home. But I find it VERY hard to switch off and live in the moment.

Even on holidays, in beautiful weather, I found it hard to just be. To calm my mind and not do anything.

I can manage about 5 mins before I pull out my phone, edit photos, check my WordPress reader, do SOMETHING.

Any tips on how to calm a racing mind?

5 thoughts on “Just being…

  1. I’m the same as well. Matthew Kelly, a phenomenal catholic speaker suggested the following for prayer, and I use it when I need to clear my thoughts as well… Close your eyes and focus on a red rose. Clear other thoughts that come up (chores, to-do’s, etc). Anytime you get distracted, just start again. Is was powerful to sit in a church with 2,000+ members in absolute silence during this exercise!

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