30 Day Photo Challenge…

I’m getting a new camera!!! Eeeek…I’m sooooooooooooooooo excited!!

I’ve been waiting for this day for sooooo long. A new camera is an expensive luxury that always took a back seat to boring things like food and electricity. But not anymore! Don’t worry, we aren’t starving in the dark!! I’m just putting myself closer to the front for a change 🙂

I’m calling it my birthday and Christmas presents rolled into one. My Mum and Mother-in-Law are contributing as well, so the expense isn’t as large as we originally thought (at least that’s what I’m telling hubby!!)

There is a special on the camera I’m after at one particular camera store, that throws in three lenses, a spare battery and a camera bag (score!) and hubby suggested we get it tomorrow on our way to visit family. And I sure as hell didn’t say NO!!!!!!!!!

AND…I’m going on a photography excursion with the awesomely talented Leanne Cole on Wednesday, so I couldn’t be more excited to try my new toy out!

So, when I came across this Photo-a-day challenge, I thought Perfect Timing! Inspiration came from motherhood {honestly} who got her inspiration from little bennet, so I’ll be linking up with them during the month.


My promise is to take a photo using the prompt every day, but I’ll be posting the photos one a week. I can get myself organised to take the photos, but uploading them and posting them every day is a bit of a stretch for me at the moment.

So, stay tuned! Starting tomorrow, I’m sure this blog will be overflowing with photos taken with my awesome new camera equipment!


8 thoughts on “30 Day Photo Challenge…

  1. Love the challenge, i love photo challenges. Im currently doing the weekend photo challenge but once that comes to an end i may borrow this idea and do one a week through the holidays and into the new year.
    I loved my camera when i had it. It sure takes a while to work out the settings. I may go outside today and try and get a few nice shots of V in the autum lighting. Good luck and enjoy, have fun !x

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