Things I’ve learnt on holidays…

Our trip was an eye opener for many reasons. Here are some of the things I found out while away…

  • All the planning and organising in the world is no match for Mother Nature. In January we dealt with 40degrees in a tent, this time round was gale force winds.
  • Alex is a flirt! Every waitress or shop assistant we came across got the full brunt of his charm… and they were putty in his hands!
  • I think kids and piers should stay clear of each other. I have a not-so irrational fear of my children doing something silly and falling into the deep, black ocean. I’m a confident swimmer and would dive in to save them, but I’m not confident enough in the kids’ skills to feel calm while wandering along a jetty.
  • I know way too many HI-5 songs.
  • Driving through miles and miles of lush, green farmland has concreted my desire for an acreage. The rolling hills, scrubland full of ghost-gums and gorgeous farm houses are my dream. Sadly, these quaint dwellings are always so far out of even the smallest of towns, and since I also crave late night access to shops and doctors clinics, I think this is on the back burner for quite a while.
  • I find it hard to switch off and relax. I need to learn how to just be.
  • Alex discovered pay phones! Every time we passed one, he shout loudly “that’s for when your iPhone is broken”!
  • My kids are tired criers. Once fatigue hits, the tears start over the smallest of things.
  • Holidays are a great way to overlook all the things that annoy me about our house, coz in the end…There’s no place like home!

10 thoughts on “Things I’ve learnt on holidays…

  1. We are seasoned campers and I think each time we go I still learn something new! Totally agree with you about piers!! Hubby thinks I am nuts but the Murray also scares the shit out of me and I never let the kids even get within two meters of it…’s just so fast flowing and scarey

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