Short Stories…

I’m not sure exactly when we decided that we would read the children a story every night before bed, but it’s a tradition we’ve gone along with just about every night for 5 years.

There is soooooo much research stating the benefits of reading to your child from birth, and as a teacher and super-lover of books, I’m all for it.

But here’s the thing…bedtime for the kids is in the evening, after dinner, usually after I’ve just finished doing the dishes and am ready to sit down for the night. The last thing I feel like doing is sitting and reading a long saga. I know…there goes my ‘Mother of the Year’ award, yet again!

We do read a story every night, but on those nights where I just can’t be bothered, it becomes MY turn to choose a book and I look for the shortest story I can find. The kids love stories and I don’t think they are suffering from the semi-regular mini-book, but all these “what if”s run through my head.

I feel like I am doing the kids a real disservice and we are all missing out on some quality time, but how do you weigh up me time and quality time?


10 thoughts on “Short Stories…

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself. We feel the same but we take solace in the fact that we’re honestly doing the best we can. In any case, we gave up on being the parents of the year about 2 days after the first one was born!

    • Yeah true! at least they have books and someone around to read them, regardless of how long they are. I think I’ll just strive for ‘Mother of this house’! I think my chances are alright!!

  2. I am a huge fan of ‘one, two miss a few 99, 100’, there’s nothing wrong with skipping a few pages:). Only problem is they will grow up never knowing that Goldilocks is a thief and that’s why the bears are mad at her!

  3. It’s a tough one–you know reading to your kids is important, yet you can’t discount the fact that after a full day, sometimes its all you can do to keep your eyes open, much less read a bedtime story in an animated voice!
    I think what’s most important here is quality over quantity. I’d rather read a child a short story with feeling than rush through a longer story just to get through it and on to the next thing. Kids can tell when you’re just going through the motions, but they also know when your actions are genuine. It’s all part of the parenting balancing act!

  4. Soooo not a bad Mum! I’m exactly the same!! I still let P choose the book, if it’s a longer than usual picture story book we read a few pages and chuck in a book mark, I figure its better than nothing x

    • That’s my thoughts too. Better a short story than no story! Megan’s into a series of fairy stories which are short novels with chapters of 2-3 pages. They’re great for the bookmark throw and good to talk about what has happened so far.

  5. We recently started signing a song to our little man in bed before he goes to sleep. He always chose ‘5 little ducks’ because he knew it lasted the longest…this has since become 3 little ducks 😉

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