Cyber Safety…

I started a draft post about the drawbacks of not posting pictures of other kids on my blog. Not in a creepy stalker way, I promise!!

I meant that I’d like to document everything properly in Megan and Alex’s lives, which is restricted when dealing with photos of other children and the internet. Chasing permission to post photos can be challenging, and quite frankly, I don’t like sharing with ANYONE what I’m writing about til I’m done and I’ve hit Publish.


I’ve since scrapped that regret after tonight. This afternoon we had a PD session (teacher seminar) about cyber safety and it’s seriously scary. Honestly, I want to throw every electronic device we own in the bin and stick my head in the sand and hope all the bad internet capabilities will just disappear!

And it’s not just limited to creepy stalker folk preying on immature children and adolescents. It’s the whole fancy computer-y type apps and programs that can trace every website I’ve been to, crack my passwords in a matter of hours, track the location of photos I’ve posted to Facebook, Instagram and possibly even here in WordPress!

I’ve seriously considered going back through my posts here on M&A’s World and deleting some information which is probably too detailed for my kids’ safety. But then again, even if I delete anything, someone out there could have already saved the original. I like to think I’ve been careful in what I’ve uploaded, but perhaps not.

What hope have young, still-developing child and teenage brains have when up against the perils of the world wide web? Simply put, they’ve got no hope! Tweens and adolescents do not have the maturity to be able to handle the possibilities that every mouse click and app login can bring.

I’d love to limit Megan and Alex’s technology access, and at the moment, they aren’t as consumed as I’m sure they will be as they grow. I hope effective ways to tackle these issues for parents can keep up with the ever changing face of technology. Particularly when I will be faced with them. I really hope the nice, “I mean you no harm” people who visit here far, far, far outweigh any creepy ones who may lurk in dark corners.


7 thoughts on “Cyber Safety…

  1. It is definitely scary to think of all the could go wrong, but then again, Internet aside, many things could go wrong. I think that all we can do it help our children be aware of the dangers and hope for the best. Whether we like it or not, technology is all around us so we are better off educating our children.

    As for ourselves, it is definitely something to keep in mind while blogging or using a social networking platform, but I don not believe it should become something to fear.

    • I’m not a helicopter parent by any means. My kids make mistakes, they fall and hurt themselves. But this isn’t always something they can just get up from, dust themselves off and try again.

      But you are right about educating them well. we’ve been pretty open and honest with our kids so I hope we can be in this area too. And more importantly that they will be open and honest with us!

  2. It definitely can be scary but scary is all around us these days sadly, but as a blogger and a somewhat social media addict, it does plague my mind.

    I changed the kids names on my blog a while back and am pretty selective of the photos I do put up. I don’t mention where we live or where the kids go to swimming school etc or post before we go on holidays and our holidays. If I had my time over again, I may have done things differently altogether. I have a friend who has a blog and she does and amazing job of photographing her kids but never their faces.

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