What a week it’s been…

It’s been a full on week in our house, work, kinder and life-wise. So here’s a bit of what’s been going on…

Mr Pringle from Kinder came to visit with a suitcase FULL of clothes, so of course he needed several wardrobe changes during his stay! He also joined us for all our meals and had a table setting and crockery all to himself 🙂

Mr Pringle copy

Salad for dinner of course!

Our beautiful start to Spring managed to hit 26degrees before dropping back to grey, miserable and rainy.

I handed in my request to go back to full time work to my principal and didn’t receive the reaction I was expecting. I’m not really worried but there’s going to be that niggle in the back of my mind until its all definite.

Megan had a kinder excursion to the Werribee Open Range Zoo and I was lucky enough to go along as well.

Hubby and I must be made for each other because after watching a reality-type game show, we’ve decided I would do any snake related challenges for him and he’d deal with cockroaches for me. True love!!

Alex found his goggles and ended up wearing them ALL day!

Alexs goggles copy

Doesn’t everyone wear their goggles on the swing?

Because so many mums went on the kinder excursion, our weekly Mothers Group Thursday lunch was postponed until Friday, and that just threw me out for the whole day! I had a weird feeling all morning. Guess we just HAVE to stick to Thursdays from now on!!

Arrangements already need to be made for Alex’s kinder and daycare schedule for 2014 which is making it more real that   a) I’m back at work full time next year (hopefully) and    b) my little boy isn’t so little any more 😦

We’ve had a large box hanging around since last weekend’s storage overhaul. So far, it’s become a rocket, a bus and tonight it was a broken washing machine.

fun box

The ‘washing machine’ was making a funny noise so they had to fix it!

We are finally starting the painting and wall boards that Mike and I have been planning for years. So that means a bit of rearranging, chucking out and then painting this weekend…FUN!!! (not)

So thats just a sample of the chocca-block week I’ve had. What’s been going on in your week?

11 thoughts on “What a week it’s been…

  1. Haha, love the goggles! Boxes are a favorite here too. Wish we could get a refrigerator or stove box – that would be awesome!

  2. HAve fun with the painting and if you can show us before and after pictures… 😉

    I think the black and white picture you began this post with is so special. Don’t you agree?

    Goggles are fun- what can I say more? HAHA

    xoxo, Eszter

    • :-/ not a big fan of painting but I have already taken before shots and I really hope the after shots are blogable! I don’t like change much and this will be a BIG change.
      Yes the goggles are still a hit. He slept holding them last night!

      • I am like you when it comes to changes. I embrace it in the end but beforehand, I always feel uneasy..

        Take some deep breath! The paint will do wonders to your home… 🙂

      • Oh I’m exactly like that. I can visualise the final product but not sure if ill actually love it. And yes, regardless of the colour, the house was definitely on need of a fresh cost of paint!

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