Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea


This photo epitomises what I love about Summer: Carefree fun in the water.

It was taken in Barwon Heads, Victoria which is one of my favourite places in the world. I used to holiday in Barwon Heads as a kid and I love that I can now take my own children there.

This photo was taken on the river inlet with the beautiful bridge behind that joins to Ocean Grove. (We were actually on the Ocean Grove side but growing up I was always told it was the Barwon Heads side!)

This spot now has the added bonus of my wonderful friend Mandy living very close by, so if I ever needed an excuse to head down there (hubby isn’t a beach go-er), I have one.

Spring officially starts tomorrow here in Australia and the warmer weather is beginning to creep in. I can’t wait for days where we can pack up and head back to the beach and let the kids frolic in the water!

Joining into the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

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