Thrill and terror…

Friday morning means Alex and I drop Megan at kinder at the crack of dawn (8:15am!) and then head to the shops to pick up any bits and pieces needed for the weekend.

At the moment, our local shopping centre is going through major redevelopment and a huge extension which means loads of work machinery for Alex to admire. Diggers, cranes, cement mixers, trucks, workmen, the list goes on. We sat in the car for 5 minutes this morning, just watching the dirt being moved and huge concrete walls being erected. Thrilling!



However inside is a different story. Apart from the regular shops, there are the centre aisle stalls that are regular and semi regular. At the moment there is a stall promoting a local swimming centre. To generate excitement they also have a person dressed up as their swordfish mascot. It’s very cute and quite realistic but it absolutely terrifies Alex! “I don’t like the whale!” He screams as we try to avoid the costumed promoter as much as possible. Sadly, I was thinking of enrolling Alex in that centre for lessons over summer, but not if the mascot would make an appearance during his classes! He’d be traumatised and put off swimming for life!

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