Make it book…

In the September school holidays, we are going on a camping trip to Adelaide. It’s an eight hour drive (at least), so I have enlisted the aid of my good friend Pinterest to help me keep the kids entertained. One of the ideas I found was a book of bits and pieces that the kids can open/close/do up/undo etc and I thought I’d give it a go. Here’s my version, entitled the “Make it” book…


I chose things that I thought would keep the kids entertained; Alex loves doing and undoing the seatbelt clips on shopping trolleys, and also fine motor skills that they need work on; Megan will be wearing school shoes soon and might need to do buckles or shoe laces, and Alex has trouble lining his zips up on his jackets.

The only items I bought were the felt and the short black zip. The rest were things lying around the house or scavenged from things that were being thrown away anyway. So all up, this cost about $7. Not bad I thought!

Megan and Alex have been watching me create this yesterday and today, so hopefully they’ll be interested in playing with it in the car. I’ll keep you posted!!

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