Watching the clock…

If you’ve been around this blog long enough, you’ll know I love my sleep and my children have some kind of mission to keep me from it!

Thankfully Alex has outgrown his 5am: let’s start the day phase but they were still getting up and being noisy way too early.

For a while now we’ve used the clock as a visual reference for the kids to see the passing of time. Up o’clock (on the hour) and Down o’clock (half past) are in common usage around here.
“We are leaving at up o’clock so make sure you are ready”
“You can have another snack at down o’clock”

It’s been great and the kids often use those terms themselves to explain when they want to do something.

But since the are only looking at the long hand on the clock and don’t yet understand the hour hand, that didn’t stop them getting up super early.

So we moved to digital! I showed Megan and Alex the clock on the microwave. They were told if the first number was a 7 they were allowed to get up. Anything else meant back to their rooms (or better yet back to sleep). This was successful, apart from the loud arguments over whether it was a 7 or not.

Insert digital clock in their bedroom! Problem solved!!

I know they aren’t really telling the time, but considering they are only 3 and 5 I’m happy that they are referring to clocks, they have some idea of what clocks are for and are beginning to use the language. (Bonus is that sleep and I are back to being great friends!)


9 thoughts on “Watching the clock…

  1. We’ve been using the ‘ok to wake’ clock with our little man, you can set it to light up green at a certain time & we’ve been teaching him ‘green means you can get up’. Great for younger kids who don’t know numbers yet

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