Waiting for babies…

Nine months is a long time to wait for a baby. Time just drags by. It’s feels even longer when you aren’t the pregnant one. No appointments or check-ups to keep you updated of the growth of the baby and progress of the pregnancy. And if you are lucky enough to find out at an early stage in the pregnancy, things seem to feel that much longer!

A friend could not hide being pregnant from us when she had to dash to the bathroom constantly with morning sickness during the early stages of her pregnancy. She said yesterday that she still had 18weeks until her due date, and so is only just over half way. Really?? Man, that’s ages away! I don’t do waiting very well 🙂

But we are waiting for a baby to arrive today. My sister-in-law has a Caesarian booked for today and was required at the hospital very early this morning. So hopefully the birth of our new family member will be sometime before lunchtime. I know our eagerness to meet the little one is nothing compared to that of the parents, but we are excited just the same.

In some ways I feel like the expecting parents anyway. Our bags (of presents) are packed and ready at the door, plans and contingency plans have been made with Mike for picking him up after work and driving to the hospital, and visiting hours have been researched!

So after the long wait of gestation, we are now waiting by the phone for the announcement of the arrival of our new nephew and cousin. And hopefully mum and bub will be feeling up to having visitors later this afternoon, otherwise we will have to wait until tomorrow! Arrrggghh, hope not!!


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