Thank-you Margot…

Yesterday Alex had his 3-and-a-half-yr health check with the Maternal Child Health Nurse. We have been lucky enough to see the same nurse almost every visit for both kids and with scheduled checks at 2, 4, 6 weeks, 4, 8, 12, 18months, 2 and 3.5 years, it means we have developed a good relationship with our nurse, Margot.

Early on, when Megan was only weeks old, we had encountered Nurse Ratchet, with a reputation that went along with her dreadful bedside manner. She had her ideas and opinions and was very vocal in letting you know if you did not fit her narrow view of parenting.

Luck had us change nurses during one of the early scheduled check ups and we met Margot. Margot was not young by any stretch of the imagination, but was not old-school at all. “Are you breast feeding? Great!” or “Can’t breast feed? Formula is awesome!” She was always a “do what feels right for you” kind of nurse and always had advice and tips for whatever avenue we went down.

She would have seen so many children during the 5 yr time she dealt with Megan and Alex, but she always remembered things about our family and the children’s development that astounded me! Even when we took the kids in individually, she remembered the other one’s name and personality without any prompting from us. She told us to call her if we ever had any questions or concerns and was very helpful in referring us onto other agencies when we had worries over Alex’s speech earlier this year.

Sadly during our visit yesterday, Margot said that we were her second-last client ever and that she was retiring. Though it doesn’t actually impact us since this was our last scheduled visit for both kids anyway, it still saddened me that other families don’t get to benefit from her wealth of knowledge and kind way of reassuring stressed out new mums!

I thanked her profusely for the support she has given us over the past 5years and told her she would be sorely missed (a fact reiterated when I told my mothers group later that afternoon!)

If only more Health Nurses could be like Margot, I think the transition from woman to mother would be so much smoother!


9 thoughts on “Thank-you Margot…

  1. I’m so devastated, Margot was so lovely to see and always made us feel at ease as she was never judgemental of the way we did things. Hope we can build that same kind of relationship with the new maternal health nurse.

  2. I work with Margot and requested her for my home visit when I had my little man. You’re right- she’s wonderful! It’s sad for us that she’s retiring- luckily we have lots of other fantastic nurses in area too (let me know if you want any recommendations 😉

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