Watching her sleep…


Our Friday night was going to be a sleepover in the lounge room while watching the Bombers on the footy.

Instead I got this and I’m not complaining….

With nothing to do and nowhere to be, I simply enjoyed the cuddle. I stroked her hand and brushed her hair while she slept. I had the iPad on my lap too, so I went searching through old photos of when she was a baby and marvelled at how grown up she is, now 5!

And yet, she’s still my little baby and I will take each and every ‘fall asleep on mum’ opportunity I can get!

11 thoughts on “Watching her sleep…

      • I know… Those ‘mothers’ use to really bug me with their silly cliches… I use to think, yeah if course time goes quickly… It’s not going to stop is it? And now I am one of ‘those’ mothers…. And they were so right!

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