An Important Partnership…

I’m a Prep Teacher, teaching the fresh faced 5 year olds in their first year of school.

Tonight we (the teacher I share the grade with and I) had their mid year parent/teacher interviews, and discussed the mid year student report, and it was a real eye opener for me.

There have been several comments made so far this year that we have the best group of kids out of all of the Prep classes. Our students are quite bright and mostly well behaved but we have always laughed it off. But I won’t anymore. I think I will agree from now on, because we have the best bunch of parents I’ve ever had.

Every single parent asked “What can I do to help insert name learn at home?” or “I want to continue at home what you do at school”…etc. WOW!! Often there are parents who do loads and loads at home and an equal amount of parents that do absolutely nothing to support or encourage their child’s learning. They rate school as somewhere to go during the day and the parents are not involved in any form of learning whatsoever.

Tonight was oh-so different. Never, ever have I had such positive support from parents like we received tonight and it clearly shows in our kids. The shared responsibility and success in their learning has never been more evident than in the current class I teach. I’m going to proudly say that “Yes, our students are succeeding because they are receiving the same message and encouragement from their adult influences”. Even those who are struggling have a very supportive family who are doing their absolute best at home. And all of the parents were honest and accepting of their child’s weaknesses and looked for ways they we could all help them overcome these, rather than criticise the child or (as often happens) criticise the teacher.

It made me so proud to be working alongside such wonderful parents and it just shows that when parents and teachers are working together for the good of the child, amazing things can happen!


9 thoughts on “An Important Partnership…

    • haha! I am actually enrolling my daughter there for next year even though we don’t live in the suburb! It was a different story a few years ago, but it’s a great school now. Just hope the great parents stick around!

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