I always thought peek-a-boo was just a game for babies. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that the games just grows as the kids get older.

As babies, they love the surprise of you appearing and disappearing.
“oh my goodness, she was just there and now she’s gone! That’s amazing!

As toddlers and pre-schoolers (like Alex), they think they are so clever hiding in plain sight but covering their faces. Alex has perfected this and will hide under the covers and squeal “you can’t find me, mum!” And then squeals and giggles even louder when I reply with “oh wow! I can hear Alex’s voice but can’t see him ANYWHERE!”

As kids get older, the fun is finding a good hiding place and staying hidden as long as possible. And variations can make the game even more challenging: once you are discovered, the finder has to join the hider in their hidey-hole until everyone is squished into a tiny spot!

And it doesn’t stop there! As adults, we all love a good surprise party.

I wish all kids’ games translated to adulthood as much as peek-a-boo does!


4 thoughts on “Peek-a-boo…

    • And yet they think themselves invisible! The kids ‘hide’ at my parents house behind a completely see through lace curtain. The veil makes them think they are totally hidden!

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