Anti- children

Let me preface this post with the clarification that when I say anti-children, it’s not anti meaning against children, more anti meaning opposite, like anti-clockwise!

My very lovely brother and his wife gave us the opportunity of having a date night by having Megan and Alex for a sleepover. While the sleepover part wasn’t uncommon, the date night part definately was. I don’t think we’ve done anything that resembles a date since before the kids were born.

But boy did we need it. It was like a breath of fresh air. We were able to do things we hadn’t done for ages and sometimes never done before!

After we dropped the kids off, we ‘popped’ into the shops for a few groceries and were back out in 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES…all jobs complete. No crying, no bribing, no dragging!

We went out for dinner and deliberately chose somewhere adult friendly, a little more upmarket to our usual ‘must have a kids menu and a playground’ criteria! Dinner was deliciously slow and conversation rarely drifted to the kids.

We wandered around the shops at our leisure, separating every now and again but not having to worry where anyone else was or keep anyone in eyesight. (Hubby can survive in Target alone!) We could utilise the late night shopping hours with no thought given to bedtimes.

We decided to go to the movies in another suburb and just drove there, no time constraints. The cinemas were at Highpoint Shopping Centre and we realised we hadn’t been there in ages! We actually got lost at one point because of all the renovations. Hubby and I were like tourists in a once very familar place, gazing at the new architecture and shops! A dash into the Samsung shop ended up taking 30 mins and that was fine because we were in no hurry!

My only guilty downfall was that we saw Desicable Me 2 and I’m sure the kids would have loved it. We are all crazy about the Minions lately!

I thought our night was ending as we left the cinemas after 11pm to drive home…until we realised we had forgotten to get something while we were late night shopping. NEVER FEAR….our local Kmart is open 24hours! So off we trotted, wandering around an almost empty department store after midnight. Ahhh, the freedom of having no responsibilities!! Well, for one night at least!

I’m a bit bleary eyed this morning, no surprise after going to bed after 1am, but it was worth it to be young and carefree again!

Sadly, this date night would not have been possible without the help of Mr Tax Man and his generous tax returns. I hate how money makes the world go round but it’s a sad fact. Our date night fun would have been cruelly curtailed had we been sticking to our usual penny pinching, budgeted-to-the-last-cent habits. But last night we needed the splurge!


8 thoughts on “Anti- children

  1. Congrats on your much-needed break! My husband and I are always amazed at how refreshed we feel after a date, even if it’s just a leisurely pizza. Ours don’t happen very often, either.

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