She is now 5…!

Megan turned 5 on Thursday. She seemed to have a great day, but it felt a bit ordinary to me.

Thursday is a Kinder and Mother’s Group day, and though I was willing to ditch it all for a Megan-centred day, she decided she still wanted to go to both of these like normal.

So after a Rice Bubble breakfast in bed, off we trotted to Kinder (an hour late, but it’s her birthday, so too bad!). Alex and I stayed for the day, and the teachers and kids sang “Happy Birthday”, Megan got to choose some songs to sing and she handed out treats.

Then it was Mothers Group time. Playing with friends and having a special cake made or you (and a friend who is just a day older) is great fun…but energy levels were starting to dip by now.

Home after that, in time for Nana, Gandpa and Great-Nana to pop in to wish Megan Happy Birthday. She was quite worn out and getting fractious. She guilt tripped Nana by asking why they weren’t staying for dinner!

By the time dinner rolled around (nuggets, chips and salad, by request!) everyone was exhausted. We almost forgot to sing “Happy Birthday” again, because it just felt like a normal weeknight. 😦

Sleep was easy to achieve after such a momentous day, but I still went to bed feeling like we had let Megan down. It just wasn’t as special as I would have liked, but still fun in her eyes.

She still had her birthday present to look forward to :a day of activities chosen by Megan and her family party on Sunday. So I guess if your birthday is spread out over 3 days, all the excitement can’t be used up on the first day!



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