Dear Megan…

My dear girl,

You are about to turn 5, and you are growing up so fast. I find it hard to believe that just 5 yrs ago, you were a tiny little baby, so very welcome in our family! You are becoming a thoughtful and independent girl and there are some important things I’d like you to know.

Live in the moment. Lie on the grass, watch the clouds, feel the sun and breeze on your skin. These are the moments you will dream of when stuck inside adulthood.

Stay young, be a kid. Being a grown up isn’t as much fun as childhood is so don’t wish your life away. Play with toys, jump on trampolines, ride bikes. Leave the boy-band worshipping for the teenagers.

Know that you are wonderful no matter how you look. I wish I was svelte rather than squidgy, but my friends and family still love me the way I am. It’s taken me a long time to realise this, so please save yourself the time and worry…and trust me!

Know that you have qualities that others admire. Use them to be a good leader.

Know that just because you are good at leading doesn’t mean you have to. Sometimes it’s good to be one of the worker ants!

Know that you don’t have to follow the crowd and like and do what others like and do. Stay true to yourself and you won’t have regrets. Real friends will respect you for being honest.

Know that girls can do just as much (if not more) than boys. It was the girls who invented liquid paper, bullet-proof vests and windscreen wipers! We rock!!

Know that your smile can make tears and worries disappear.

Know that I loved you before you were here and I love you more and more and more each day.

love Mum

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