We went to the Werribee Open Range Zoo on the weekend and the kids loved it (so did we actually). It has all the normal zoo-y type enclosures, meet the keeper times etc, but the safari bus was the best. Driving around wide open paddocks (a.k.a. African Savannahs) and getting up quite close to some amazing animals had the kids (and us again) gobsmacked!

Sadly as we were leaving and we did the ‘go-to-the-toilet-before-getting-into-the-car’ routine, Alex had….

Alex had had some not-so-pleaseant trips to the toilet the day before but it had all settled down and I thought he was on the mend. Sadly not. Do you ever think “If it happens one more time, I’ll go to the doctors?” Well, I do and that was the time. We had been told by the kids’ creche that Hand Foot and Mouth disease was going around and I thought Alex’s lack of appetite could be linked to that. Turns out he just had diarherria.

So we stayed home today, while hubby went to work and Megan to Kinder, which led to….

Megan wasn’t herself this morning and said she was sick too. Since Alex was having a “stay home with Mum” day I thought it could be jealousy. I told her Kinder teachers all this and to call me if she is genuinely sick. I expected her to forget about everything once she started having fun at Kinder. She did, but only lasted until 12-ish.

I got the phonecall to come and get her. Her teacher said she had not been herself all morning and nearly fell asleep on the Kinder couch amongst 25 other 4-5yr olds. You’d have to be sick to sleep in all THAT noise!

Bad mother!!

She was super-mopey at home but refused to rest. She finally fell asleep about 3pm and I just let her sleep as long as she needed. She kept complaining of a sore tummy and the small amount of food that she had eaten during the day finally came back up tonight. Luckily the bucket was on hand so no mess.

So hopefully tonight is event-free, along with tomorrow…..

10 thoughts on “Zoo…Poo…Spew…

  1. I hope they feel better! I love the zoo pics. I can’t believe the guilt I felt when I had to pick up my son from daycare because he was ill. It’s really disproportionate to the action.

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