The newest solution…

I posted a month or so ago about our dog getting through the side fence and making a mess of our sideway.

Well, it is still happening but I’ve figured out how she is getting through…or rather over. Yes our short, pudgy, little Jack Russell Terrier is jumping over the fence. She makes it almost all the way to the top, then scrambles the rest of the way, which has caused her to pull out some of the nails holding the wiring to the fence.

Last weekend I tried putting up this bird netting and trailor net to act as a deterrant, but she just laughed in my face and went over it anyway.

fence net

Today, with the kids help, we put up all of these timber slats. They are really flimsy because they are the slats from an old timber venetian blind that we pulled apart. But hopefully they look sturdy enough that they put her off jumping altogether.

fence fixed

It looks totally ugly, but if it works and I can hang washing on the clothes line without stepping in doggy-land-mines, I’ll be happy! Otherwise, this blog might soon become a “Free To ANY Home” site instead!


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