Satisfyingly poor…

Strange title, I know, but go with me on this one…

I read somewhere that the child of some celebrity only ever wore an outfit once, before it was thrown away. And even Kate Middleton (is she now Princess Kate??) isn’t allowed to wear anything more than once for fear of being called unfashionable. Are you kidding me???

That’s where I consider our family to be satisfyingly poor. Being poor is a relative term, and certainly compared to these celebrities, we are destitute; but since we have a roof over our heads, food on the table and a tiny amount of spare cash for the very occasional splurge I think we are well above the poverty line.

I’ve written before about passing clothes down from child to child, a common practice of yesteryear. But since we don’t have a huge brood of kids to pass things along, we’ve had to rely on others outside the family. Friends pass on clothes to Megan and Alex and for me it’s like mini Christmas! A bag of goodies (and its always good, clean items) for free!

And then for us, it’s always so satisfying to pass along some of our things that are perfectly fine, just too small. It’s nice to see clothes get a second chance and for items that were particularly lovely, I still get to see them, just being worn by kids others than my own. There is enough age and size difference between the young-uns that the clothes are in perpetual use until they are finally worn out.

We rarely give anything to charity anymore, since we have such a good system within our group of friends, but the odd visit to the Salvos or Op Shops are usually quite productive. Yes it’s nice to have fresh, new clothes, but since the children grow so quickly and are not careful with what they wear, second hand items are a sensible option.

Hmmm…. I think I know where I’ll be going later today….!

11 thoughts on “Satisfyingly poor…

  1. I think you’ve got it right. Ironically, I always find its those who have less that give more. Something special happens when you help someone else out or they help you. Plus, think of the environment! You go through baby stuff so fast. To just throw it away is heartbreaking!

    • You’re right about people who have less giving more. Perhaps they see and appreciate the value of things more than someone who doesn’t have to consider cost.

  2. That’s great you’ve got a group of friends to get clothes from! I unfortunately don’t have any older kids with friends or neices who aren’t using the clothes or who hold onto them protectively waiting for their next baby! Or you get stuff to ‘borrow’ which I can’t handle the stress off when I see paintbrushes and pumpkin being thrown around!!! So, twice a year I spend big buying a winter and summer wardrobe for C 😦 When I found out I was having a second girl I started spending a little more on clothes knowing that they were going to get a second run. I should do a Salvos run – my girlfriend has a knack for picking great, amazing items for the op-shop … In the past I haven’t been as talented! Lots of people sell their stuff on buy, swap and sell local sites but I’m never quick enough to snap them up!

    Like my friends as L is growing out of things they are being space bagged away for the potential next bub. 😦 Seems sad when someone else can be using them but then I can’t justify the expense of another bubba comes along.

    • If I knew I was having another baby I’d probably keep them too, but I know the shop is shut in that department!!
      eBay is great for clothes and shoes. I’ve bought heaps and most of it is good quality. You get more time to see them there.

  3. Some of us runners do our bit donating clothes, those we wear to keep warm at the start line before races. On days like city to surf, that could well mean 80,000 otherwise perfectly pieces of clothes. Not bad!

  4. We have a conga line of kids that the clothes go down. I also buy at oppies and when I buy new, I buy at the end of the season when most items are 50%+ off and put them away for the following year.

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