Piles and piles…

Yet another pile of artwork to do something with….


So this is my solution…for now…



9 thoughts on “Piles and piles…

  1. That’s a good idea!
    I’m still planning to do the awesome idea I found on Pinterest a long time ago: take photos of all the pieces of art, frame them in a large collage-style frame (basically, like 2in x 2in squares) and toss the actual art (well, maybe not all the art). SAD, but necessary, I’m afraid, and it will look cool when it’s done!

    • That’s a good idea. I’ve also seen an idea where you take a photo of each piece then make a photo book of them. I did that for a while but never made the book.

      Binding them like I have can also become a gift for someone. We’ve done that before and the kids were so proud of their ‘book’!

  2. Lovely idea! It’s given me mummy guilt though …. I, gulp, throw a lot away. I like the take a photo and make a photo book idea! We get portfolios from daycare – I should slip artwork into the back pocket of them.

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